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Ok. I’m going out of my mind trying to find this Panic! at the Disco song that doesn’t seem to exist. Lemme describe it for you guys:

  • Has a carnival music-like tune during verses
  • Vocals in verses are harmonies like Queen
  • tune kinda bounces around a little
  • I thought it was a later track, maybe 9??

my impression was that it was on vices and virtues because i instantly recognized all the other songs on that album- i listened to three albums in my friend’s car- but it doesn’t appear to be on there. 

i’m not familiar with P!ATD’s discography but i know they only have 4 albums so i don’t know how i’m unable to find this song. can anybody help me out??

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  3. fallohokboy answered: Nearly Witches (Ever scince we met)?
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  5. hiimjinks answered: Try “Build God, Then We’ll Talk”
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